Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Very Loving Goal

As I was writing out my list of goals yesterday, a new one came to me that made me feel very happy.

There is someone special in my life who I push away at times, and treat poorly, because of feelings of insecurity. I decided to set a definite goal to not push this person away until the end of March. Not that I'm planning to be nasty to him after that :) ... but just to give me something to aim for. Rather than phrasing the goal negatively, I reworded it to the effect that I will be loving and welcoming towards this person.

If you sometimes find yourself losing your temper with your kids, or snapping at them when you could be patient and loving (after all, none of us are perfect!) how about a goal for the month of "being consistently loving and polite towards my children"? I bet the feeling you would get when you set a goal like that would be awesome!



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