Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gift of Goal Setting

When I was at university, I learned about Goal Setting and about various study techniques (watch out in the next Kids Goals newsletter for some interesting ways to help your kids with homework, by the way) ... and I was so taken aback by the power of these techniques that I have felt compelled ever since to figure out ways to help kids learn these things at a much younger age.

I believe that I would have been much more successful in everything in life if I had been given the gift of being taught to set and achieve goals when I was a small child. Like learning a language, if something like goal setting is taught very early on, it can become a natural part of a person, so that they do it successfully without much effort or thought required.

Imagine if your parents never taught you the habit of brushing your teeth - how much more difficult it would be to acquire that habit as a grown up?

THAT's why I say that any parent (or aunt, teacher, etc) that takes the time to teach a child how to set goals is giving them a wonderful gift!

Happy goal setting with your kids,


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