Sunday, February 18, 2007

Schools, Goals and Competitiveness

As parents it can be tempting to encourage our kids to be competitive at school, sometimes at the expense of children learning and practising other skills such as how to get on with their peers.

Being competitive has its place of course, and can be a great asset to a successful track record as a goal setter. Success at school, too, is a fantastic thing to encourage and praise our children for.

But just as important - well, perhaps more important if we are looking at our children's long-term happiness, are social skills and friendships.

In February, why not take time out to set some social goals with your children. Your own goal could be to help your child become a master of social skills - because his ability to make friends will bring him pleasure and multi-faceted rewards for the rest of his life - much more so than being top of his primary school class in math or whatever.

Happy Parenting


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