Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Talking to Your Kids

Yesterday I was on the phone with my dearest friend Monicka, and as we were chatting away she was also telling her 10-year-old to get ready for bed.

I said to her, "I love listening to you talk to your kids!"

"Why's that?"

"Well you are always so polite, patient and kind with them, unlike some parents who if they have to tell a child to brush their teeth twice might sound a bit annoyed or rude the second time, you always ask them nicely. It's no wonder they are so kind, thoughtful and polite back!"

The thing is, Monicka talks like that to her kids all the time without thinking about it. So my challenge for all you wonderful parents today is to catch YOURSELF doing something good, and give yourself a big pat on the back. How often do you spend nice time with your child, speak to them nicely, do something with them, help them with a problem? Take this opportunity to appreciate yourself for all the things you do RIGHT every day as a parent - our children are the future, and you as a parent are the most important person in the world for nurturing your children!

Happy parenting,


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