Wednesday, August 30, 2006

All in the Name of Art???

Goal Setting for Kids
Greetings from the UK. As planned Cassie and I have finally met as I have been in the UK since August 20th. I am having a lovely time enjoying the incredible countryside and the lovely people of England. My excuse for not blogging sooner is that I have been suffering from the dreaded "jet lag" not fun but part of the travel experience I am afraid.

Whilst having my coffee this morning Cassie's husband pointed out an article in the Sunday times entitled "The Great Lollipop Debate" The controversial piece spoke of "Jill Greenberg" a famous U.S. photographer who in the name of art, made little children cry by taking away their candy and then photographing their responses. The pictures are incredible but heartwrenching to look at.

I am trying to understand what her so called intended purpose for doing this was? Having written articles about the dangers of the internet for children and the pedophiles that prey on innocent children, I really have to wonder why the children had to be stripped down to their waist. Would it not have the same effect if the child still had it's clothes on? Is it art or is it just for shock value? Kind of makes you wonder, when you hear that the website received 60,000 hits a day.

Having children myself I had trouble looking at the tormented faces of the children and finding any intrinsic value in what she considers "art" just my humble opinion and after reading the article and how it told of the hundreds of angry responses from other viewers, it is obvious that I am not alone in this line of thinking.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Help Your Child Use His Imagination for Successful Goal Setting

Isn't it great how kids love to use their imagination? They are so much better than most of us grown ups at seeing things in their mind, at experiencing things vividly with thought alone.

Using your imagination is such a powerful tool for goal setting - so it's a really good idea to encourage your child to use his imagination, and especially to day dream about his goals.

Some questions you ask about your child's goals, to help your child experience his goals in his mind as vividly as possible:

"What does your goal look like?"

"What does it sound like? What do other people say about your goal?"

"What does it feel like when you've achieved your goal?"

For even more impact, you can suggest to your child that he sits comfortably and closes his eyes while you ask him these questions.

Doing this will teach your child that his imagination is a powerful tool, and help him to form a habit of using it in a positive way that will help him with achievements, large and small, in the future.

Visit this link for more ideas about Your Child's Imagination.

Happy Goal Setting with your Kids!