Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Checking In

photo courtesy of Darren Hester

Time to Check in :))

Hello, to whoever happens to find me :) I don't promote the blog enough in kidsgoals newsletter so I need to make sure to do that in the next issue. Hopefully that will keep me more consistent with my blogging.

Wow! It has been ages since I have blogged so figured it was about time to check in. I have been pretty consistent with newsletter since January and have updated the website a bit, but I am sorely lacking in the blogging department. So without further ado...

Since this is an update I have to tell you that I am doing much better emotionally, but there are days when it is still too real and I need to just go with the myriad of emotions that come up. It is a process and still early days as far as grieving goes. I have been seeing a counsellor on a regular basis for a few months and he has really helped me to deal with my loss. He is more of a holistic counsellor so one of his suggestions was to try meditation, which has made a huge difference in my life - I highly recommend it.

Some of the benefits of meditation are reduced stress, better concentration, lowered blood pressure, helps depression etc. It will even help you with your parenting skills, because you will be so relaxed nothing your kids can do will upset you. So do yourself a favour and give it a go. According to a Psychology Today article all you need is ten minutes - who can't spare ten minutes if it will change all aspects of their lives for the better.

There are many great guided meditations you can purchase online or just try googling the word meditation and you will find everything you need to get started at no cost.

Happy parenting,