Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tweens, Teens and "Love Lifes"

My step-daughter was with us at the weekend, at 17 years old she is a bit of a stunner and frankly when she's all dressed up and made up she can look older than me! However we still sometimes forget and think she's about 3 years old and our little baby.
She was full of stories of her new boyfriend, Robin, and how romantic he is - cooking her a meal for Valentine's day, etc etc.

The "love life" of a teen - or "tween" for that matter is not always this great. Most of them have an upsetting time at one stage or another.

One thing to consider if you have a child at this stage - or indeed earlier in many cases - is whether you can do anything to help them develop a healthy body image.
Monicka wrote an awesome article about just this, which I thought some of you might find helpful, so here is the link:

Help your child to foster a healthy body image.
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