Saturday, February 24, 2007

Catch your Kids doing something Good Today

Once upon a time there was a Naughty little boy. Not only was he Naughty, but he was very Sneaky too. His Mommy and Daddy had to keep a very close eye on him, to catch him doing Naughty things and tell him off or send him to his room.

The Naughty boy had a lot of fun doing Naughty things, but deep down he wasn't happy because he sometimes wondered how his Mommy and Daddy could love him when he was so Naughty. In fact his Mommy and Daddy loved him very much - more than anything in the world - but they were very sad to always catch him doing Naughty things. "If only our Naughty little boy would be better behaved," they said, "we would all have so much more fun together."

One day the Naughty little boy's Daddy - who had an important job in an office - was summoned by the Man who Daddy worked for. "Oh-Oh!" Thought Daddy. "I hope he's not going to tell me off - I wonder what I could have done wrong?"

But instead of telling Daddy off, the Man said he had caught Daddy doing something specially good at work, and he gave him something very nice. The something was a Golden Nugget of Praise. The Nugget made Daddy feel very happy, and he took it home with him in his pocket.

That evening, Daddy was thinking about his Golden Nugget of Praise and how happy it made him feel, and he decided that he wanted to catch someone else doing something good, and give them their own Golden Nugget of Praise too.

Just as he was thinking this, he saw Mommy helping the Naughty little boy with his homework before bed. "That deserves a Golden Nugget of Praise," thought Daddy. So after the Naughty little boy went to bed, Daddy gave Mommy a Golden Nugget of Praise, and said, "I caught you being a great Mommy, helping our son with his homework, and so I wanted to give you this Golden Nugget of Praise."

Mommy felt very happy and put her Golden Nugget in her pocket and gave Daddy a big hug.

Now the neat thing about Golden Nuggets of Praise is that when you give one to someone, it doesn't use up the one you have in your pocket. So now Daddy had one in his pocket and so did Mommy.

Mommy had an idea. "Do you think we could give our Naughty little boy some Nuggets?" she asked.

Daddy thought this was a wonderful idea. "We love our little boy so much. Even though he is a very Naughty little boy, maybe if we watch him very, very carefully, we'll catch him doing something Good, and then every time we catch him, we can give him a Golden Nugget of Praise. Just think how happy he will feel!"

So from that day forward, Mommy and Daddy were always watching their Naughty little boy very carefully, and every time they saw him do something Good - they would give him a Golden Nugget of Praise. And every time, the Naughty little boy felt so happy, that he became a little less Naughty every day.

Before long, the Naughty little boy wasn't sneaky anymore, and was hardly ever Naughty, and everyone started calling him the Good little boy because he was so polite and thoughtful. He became a very kind little boy as well, and he often caught his friends doing something good, and gave them one of his Golden Nuggets of Praise to keep, which of course didn't even make the Golden Nuggets in his own pockets any less, because of the magical quality of the Golden Nuggets, how when you give one away you magically still get to keep it too.

And when people asked Mommy and Daddy how come their little boy was such a Good little boy, they just smiled, and touched their own Golden Nuggets, that they always carried in their pockets, and said, "We just love catching our little boy whenever he does something Good!"



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