Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Small Gesture

Happy Sunday Everyone

I am a little late with my blog today. I usually like to complete it the day before but for some reason it slipped my mind. Since the theme for February is all about love and friendship I thought it very fitting to write about an experience that my eldest daughter told me about on the phone yesterday.

She was having an exceptionally bad morning as she headed off to work and was feeling quite upset. As she was driving along she happened to notice a middle aged homeless lady on the side of the street who was not very well dressed for the kind of day it was weather-wise. She kept thinking about the woman and was almost at the office she works at when something inside her made her turn around and head home. Because she could not get the feeling that she needed to help this woman out of her head, she decided to go home and get a pair of mittens to give to this woman so at least her hands would be warm. So that is what she did. With her small gift in hand she went up to the woman and handed her the mittens and also gave her some money. The woman was so thankful and told my daughter that she was starting to feel like the world was not a very nice place and this made her feel like maybe it was not so bad after all and she hugged my daughter. It was just a very small gesture but it made a huge impact on this woman and when Kayla saw how the woman's mood changed it changed her mood too and she realized that what she gained was sooo much more than the small token of friendship she had given the woman.

By showing our children by example how to be kind and loving we are helping to mould them into caring adults who will care about their fellow man. My daughter's random act of kindness is an example of this, as she was raised believing it is better to give than to receive and even as a child she was always willing to share her toys with other children.
Happy Parenting


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