Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

When I was single I hated Valentine's Day I would look on with envy as I watched men and woman rushing to the shops to pick up last minute flowers, cards or candy for their significant others. Now that I am married I no longer dread February 14th; but I have not forgotten how in the past this day just seemed to make me feel extra bad for not having someone in my life to celebrate it with.

If you are single you can still celebrate this special day. Why not be your own Valentine. Do something nice for yourself, buy yourself some flowers or a new outfit just because; and treat yourself extra special today or get together with your single friends and do something fun. If you are a single parent do something enjoyable with your kids. Make up a batch of sugar cookie dough and let your kids cut out heart shapes and decorate them and then you can all enjoy the fruits of their labour while you snuggle up and watch a funny movie together or better yet read to them. Valentine's day is all about the love so show your kids in a special way that you love them by showing them that you truly enjoy spending time with them.

So you do have a choice. You can choose to wallow in your sorrows, envious of others or you can appreciate all the blessings in your life as it is; and show gratitude for the most amazing blessing of all, your children.

Happy Parenting

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