Monday, February 12, 2007

Loving, Effective Discipline

A New Way of Thinking

When I find a great idea it always makes me want to share it; so with that in mind here is an awesome way to get your kids to comply without a real punishment. Keep in mind; this is not for the little ones but for older children who require less supervision.

I am sure you have all heard about using "time out" as a means of discipline for children when they are misbehaving; but here is a bit of a slant on the old standby. Instead of making your kids take a time out when they are misbehaving, you be the one to take the time out. Here is the scenario. You are in the kitchen and dinner is late and you are frustrated because your boys are battling out over something silly and refuse to stop. Say to them "OK, I am going to leave the two of you to work this out in a civilized manner. When you can act like the children I know and love, I will be in my room come up and let me know, and I will commence with making dinner."

What an awesome, loving way to get your point across without having to punish your children. Not to mention you get a breather yourself. It is a win/win if you ask me. I am going to try it on my two the first chance I get.

Happy Parenting

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