Saturday, February 10, 2007

The "Dangerous" Game of Tag

I could barely believe what I was reading in the paper today when I saw that a primary school headteacher in Lincoln, UK has banned children from playing tag during recess. Even worse, the children have been told they are forbidden from touching each other. Best friends aren't even allowed to link hands. The only time the children can touch a classmate is if they need to help a pupil who has fallen over.

This story really upset me, in particular as I had just finished writing an article about how important it is for babies and children to have plenty of loving physical contact in order to grow up feeling loved and secure. Naturally this is needed most from their parents, but affectionate and playful physical contact between children is a vital part of development.

I just hope the parents of the kids at Bracebridge Heath Primary School make a stand quickly, before this misguided head teacher does too much damage to the children!

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