Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Gift of Self Esteem

Happy Sunday Everyone
While watching an episode of American Idol I couldn't help but cringe when a slightly overweight twenty something woman, dressed in a garish gold lame shirt, gave her rendition of the Pussy cat Dolls "Don't you Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me.” Here she was singing (if you want to call it that) her heart out in front of millions of people truly believing she had talent. I turned to my husband and asked him "What the heck was she spoon fed as a child to have the nerve to go on television when she was obviously tone deaf?" Where does confidence like that come from? Her Mother was at her daughter’s side witnessing the whole fiasco and when Paula asked her how she felt about her daughter's singing she proudly said, " I have always believed in her talent, but maybe she should have chosen a better song." Suddently I understood where all that self esteem had come from.

Do you see where I am going friends? Do you see the power we have as parents when it comes to how our children feel about themselves? By believing in them, they start to believe in themselves, how cool is that!! Few of us are lucky to have parents like that; but that shouldn't stop us from wanting that for our children. Let your children dream big!!! As Brian Littrell so aptly put it in this quote--- “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

Happy goal setting


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