Friday, January 05, 2007

Child Goal Setting

Goal Setting and Your Child's Routine
Young kids, like puppies, thrive on routine. When a child first arrives in this world everything is big and strange and potentially scary. A secure physical environment, and a regular routine, is a great base from which a child can safely explore this big world we live in.
So today I wanted to jot down a couple of ideas you could use to incorporate goal setting into your daily routine - which I imagine is already quite a full one!
1. Discuss goals over dinner - Dinner is often the only time that the whole family sits down and a great time for everyone to discuss their goals. It's as simple as remembering to talk to your child, like you already do about "what did you do at school today", about their goals. Just ask questions - and your child will do the rest!
2. Morning goal writing - if your child gets excited about the whole goal setting process, you could suggest writing out his goals each morning. This is NOT one to force - but if a child really gets keen he might love to do this and it's very powerful. Get him to write himself a little note saying "WRITE GOALS" and stick it to the bathroom mirror or even tape it to his toothbrush - that way he'll see the note every morning and then remember to write his goals out!
3. At bedtime story time, after you've read to your child, ask HIM to tell YOU a short story about one of his goals. What would it look like when it's achieved? Children have extremely powerful imaginations, and if you can get him into the habit of visualising his goals by telling you stories about them, he will be very successful!

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