Friday, January 26, 2007

The Power of Words

I was having a telephone conversation with a dear friend of mine today when he happened to mention that he was thinking of buying a new piece of equipment for his company. I noticed when he was first telling me about it that he had said if he gets it and then quickly corrected himself and said I mean when I get it.

It made me think of the power words actually have. If thoughts have energy and our words are from our thoughts, than words would have energy too. Just by being careful about how we phrase things we can improve the chances of actually bringing the things we desire to fruition. When my friend used the term "if" he was basically telling himself that there was a chance he wouldn't get the equipment he wanted, by changing that if to a "when" he was telling himself it was pretty much a given that he would get the equipment but the date of its arrival had not been determined yet. Too cool!!

Try this with yourself and teach it to your kids too. Think about how you word things from now on, especially when it comes to your goals. Instead of saying my goal is to lose ten pounds, (remember what we lose we can usually find again) try saying I release ten pounds making it sound as if you have already done it. See how many ways that you can change your wording to a
much more positive message using the word I as much as possible.

Happy Goal Setting


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