Monday, January 15, 2007

Goal Setting and Ways to Feel Good

Monicka touched on reminding your kids to feel good, and how feeling good helps us think positive and ultimately achieve our goals.

Teaching your children to find, value and practise ways to help themselves feel good is a wonderful gift you can give them.

Sometimes feeling better can be as simple as changing what we are doing with our bodies. If we're feeling sluggish, jumping up and down on the spot or skipping for just a few moments can turn us around.

Or what about teaching your child to "pretend like" he feels happy / energetic / good? How would you do that? Well just get him to change his body! Ask him to stand up straight like he does when he feels good, tell him to practise a great big smile, and move his body the way he does when he's feeling just FANTASTIC. Chances are, he'll start to FEEL happy inside!

Watch out for an upcoming newsletter in which Monicka and I are going to share some great techniques you can teach your kids for feeling good as they work on their goals!

Happy goal setting with your kids,


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