Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Monday Everyone

There is a quote by Maya Angelou that goes like this, "When you know better, you do better." so it is with this in mind that I ended up having to edit an article called "Planting Flowers" from one of the kidsgoals newsletters. In it I mentioned that a very wise teacher told me that for every negative thought or weed in your mind you have to think about one hundred positive thoughts or flowers. I recently came across an article and after a bit of research realized that my teacher was not altogether correct.

While it certainly will not hurt to plant one hundred positive thoughts or flowers in your mind and could in fact be a very beneficial thing to do;it is not necessary. I now understand that negative thoughts themselves are low energy thoughts and a fleeting negative thought here and there will not do much damage to all the flowers you have planted thus far. Positive thoughts are higher in energy and much more powerful. It is only when the negative thoughts are deep rooted and strongly believed that they can do damage. If you are feeling positive about achieving your goals and you have one day where you start to feel a bit down and may start doubting that you will be successful you are still going to be OK.

Let your emotions be your gauge.Teach your child that if he is feeling bad he is thinking negative thoughts. If he is feeling good he is thinking positive thoughts. Show him that he can do something to make himself feel better immediately and thus change his low energy negative emotion to a much more productive one. He can think about someone he loves or he can watch a funny movie, read a funny story or listen to some uplifting music. You will both be amazed at how quickly that negative mood can change to a higher energy positive one and get him back on track with achieving his goals.

Be Happy


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