Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The First Step

Hello Everyone

By now are probably raring to go with your New Years Goals (notice how we no longer refer to them as resolutions) if you are still pumped about changing your life for the better then you must have a list of things that you want to realize. You do have all the power but if goal setting is a new thing for you my advice would be to start slow. Most people get excited and write down their goals and start the process full tilt only to find that in a few days they are wondering why they even attempted these feats in the first place. To avoid this you must devise a plan and give yourself ample time to realize it. You may even have to break down the bigger goals into smaller goals and the smaller goals into steps but in the end you will accomplish everything you set out for in the beginning without making yourself crazy.

So your first step is to write everything down, don't worry about what is going to take the longest or require the most energy or what is the most important to you, just make a list of everything you want to realize no matter how big or how small. Get your kids involved and have them make their lists too. Realizing your goals will be even more enjoyable if you get the whole family involved. So run and get a pen and paper and make your lists.

Happy Goal setting

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