Thursday, January 04, 2007

Brainstorming Ideas for Goal Setting with Your Kids

If your child is new to goal setting, you might well find that when you start to talk with him about it, he asks you what goals he should set.

Tempting though it might be to give him suggestions, it's really important for successful goal setting that your child comes up with his own ideas for his own goals!
If your child needs ideas for goal setting, why not suggest a simple brainstorm about "Things I Like". Have him draw a circle in the middle of a big, blank piece of paper and write in the circle "Things I Like".

Make sure he has lots of nice coloring pens and have him draw lines out from the circle and write what he likes - in single words where possible - on each line. For instance, he might write "Pets" on one line. Then he can draw more lines coming off the line with "pets" and write on each of those lines what specifically he likes - "Dog Walking", "Fish", etc.

Maybe one of his lines will even say "School" - then "Friends", "Science" etc. The important thing is that your child comes up with his own ideas! Try not to make suggestions, just to ask him questions if he needs some help.

Happy Goal Setting with Your Kids!


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