Thursday, January 04, 2007

Goal Setting

Happy Friday Everyone!

If you followed Tuesdays blog, you now have your scrap paper with your list of all the goals you wish to accomplish. Now we need to clarify our goal list a bit more.

Prioritize- You can do this either by a deadline- I want to accomplish ___ by this date? or by priority-- It is more important that I realize this before something else. You and your children need to decide which goals on the list are the most important to you. For you, for instance, paying the bills in a timely manner would definitely come before cleaning out the basement. The basement can wait a bit but the creditors won't. Let your kids decide on what is most important to them.

Categorize-Once you have figured out which goals you want to realize the next step is to decide on how much time you will give yourself to bring them to fruition. Without a deadline a goal is just a dream so make sure that you set (attainable deadlines) or it will all be just wishful thinking. Get a special calendar or, better yet a notebook, with lots of room to write and decide which are short and long-term goals that you intend to accomplish. Let your kids pick a special notebook themselves and have them decorate it to make it more personal.

Try to allow plenty of time for you and your kids to accomplish your goals and give yourself a bit of leeway for possible delays. This will give you and your children the needed confidence to realize that it is possible to accomplish all your goals and meet any deadlines without over stressing yourself.

Happy Goal setting


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