Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Children, School, and Self-Esteem

A friend told me a story today that made my blood boil. She figured out one day that the books her child was reading at home were quite advanced but the books he was bringing home from school were far too easy for him. Strange! So, she goes to ask the school what is going on. And she finds out that the previous year, her son had lost a library book.

As punishment, his teacher, Mrs Dreadful (not her real name) had held him back a reading level and refused to advance him until his found the book.

I'm speechless! And it reminded me forcefully how important it is that our kids always know that we are in their corner.

We can't always protect children from Mrs Dreadfuls - and indeed they do need to learn at some point that there are some stupid and cruel people in the world, or they will have a horrific shock later in life - but we CAN and MUST always make sure that our kids know that WE LOVE THEM AND WILL SUPPORT THEM NO MATTER WHAT!

Don't let anyone undermine your children's ambitions or goals without making sure to remind them over and over that YOU believe in them!

Cyberhugs to you all,


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