Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kids and Exercise

As the exam season approaches for kids here in the UK, it might be time for us to spend a moment considering whether our kids are getting enough exercise. Studies suggest that there is a link between exercise and academic performance, possibly because aerobic exercise gets more oxygen into the brain.

Exercise also provides an outlet for pent-up energy and allows kids to focus more when it is time to sit down and study for their exams.

If possible, ensuring that a child gets aerobic exercise (exercises hard enough to make him "breathe hard") three or four times a week is ideal. If your kids are lucky enough to get this level of exercise at school - fantastic! If not, you could try to find a creative way to encourage exercise - perhaps a ball game in the park with a few friends.

Teenage girls are likely to be the biggest challenge. If our Sam is anything to go by, the only game with a chance might be basketball!

Good luck and happy parenting,


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