Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

My daughter Savannah, who has Asperger’s, came home from school yesterday with a plan to save for a laptop computer. She already has a computer that works just fine, but decided that having a laptop would be so much better. I told her if she saved for half of it than maybe her Dad and her Grandparents and I would contribute the other half. I was surprised when she adamantly said, "No, I want to do this all on my own without any help!!!"

Frankly, I am a bit surprised that she wanted to do this all on her own. It just shows that she is growing up right before my eyes and is becoming quite the independent young lady. In the past she was not all that goal oriented, so this is a pleasant change.

Savannah's plan is to get a part time job this summer and also do extra chores in order to earn a little more for her allowance. One thing about my fifteen-year-old daughter that hasn't changed, is her determination. When Savannah makes up her mind to do something, she usually does it. Her little brother is all for her having a new computer and is cheering on her efforts, especially since he will be getting her old computer. :-)

Happy Parenting


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