Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Music as Therapy

My daughter Savannah, who has Asperger’s, has always shown a keen interest in music. Even before she could talk she could sing the Barney song "I Love you" verbatim and in perfect pitch. In fact she would sometimes sing instead of cry when she was injured.

Now that she is a teenager, music is still an integral part of her life. Whether it is listening to her mp3 player or singing her heart out when she is alone in her room with the door closed. On many occasions I will find her in her closet with a blanket pulled over her head listening to music on her headphones, oblivious to the world. Art and music are the two things that help her decompress so it is important that she has that time to herself. I find her much easier to deal with if I give her the space she needs before trying to find out what has stressed her out.

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