Friday, May 11, 2007

The Power of the Flower

When I woke up this morning I was not feeling my best. I had a restless night and getting out of bed this morning was hell on wheels!!! After my morning caffeine fix I felt a bit better; but it was not until I took my dog for his morning wee that I really noticed a change in my mood. What was that amazing fragrance wafting in the breeze?? My favourite flower of all time the lilacs are in bloom. One whiff of those babies and I noticed a definite improvement in my mood and an overall feeling of “Life is pretty OK”.

Apparently researchers have discovered that women’s facial expressions change after they have been delivered flowers. 100% of the women in the study flashed a genuine smile known as the Ducherne smile. Best of all, the positive mood lasted up to three days later. Another study by the Harvard Medical School presented women with either flowers or scented candles. The women that received the flowers showed improvement in mood and also felt an increase in energy and a feeling of wanting to be more compassionate to others. No wonder when men are in the doghouse they give their significant others flowers. Might be a nice idea to present our moody teens with a surprise bouquet when they are not the nicest to be around?? Just a thought. :-)

Happy Parenting

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