Saturday, May 12, 2007

Encouragement for Children

I blogged the other day about helping our Samantha (17), fill in a job application form. To her delight, she got a call the very next day after handing the form in, inviting her for an interview.

One thing that stood out for me was how very appreciative Sam was about how her Dad and I helped and supported her. It made me a sad to realise that she didn't get that kind of encouragement from her Mother - who unfortunately is not one to take an interest in a child's schoolwork, projects and suchlike.

I felt like telling Sam that encouraging and supporting and helping her is our JOB, as (step)parent/s, and is a joy and a privilege. I suppose it feels so much more so for me, having tried to conceive and failing for years - it makes you really appreciate what an enormous gift a child is.

So a thought for you, if you are reading this and have a child. How blessed you are to have that child in your life! What can you do today to show your special little one how much you appreciate that blessing?

Happy parenting


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