Sunday, May 27, 2007

Father and Daughter Reunited

I am feeling all teary-eyed today as I ponder the long years that my husband Kevin and I have been together, and how what we wanted more than anything all those years is to have his daughter, Samantha, in our lives full-time.

The first time I met Sam, she was 3 years old. The memory of this beautiful toddler running into her Daddy's arms is one of the most vivid I have. I can barely believe that after all this time, now that she is 17 years old, she is finally living with us. I have to pinch myself every day to see if I'm dreaming!

This poem expresses the heartache of a father separated from his daughter. I hope you like it.


I closed my eyes
And put a padlock on my heart
I drew the curtains
To shut out the cries of my soul.

The joyful “Daddy”
That should light up my life
Brings only tears
Heartache and torment no creature should face.

She tore me wide open
In her beautiful innocence
I loved her and…
The pain was too great to bear.

Snatched moments
Treasured memories – too few
A smile, a kiss
And then banished again.

She was the victim
Though I felt the pain
She is the victim still
Though my scars are deep to the bone.

A toddler once
Suddenly a young lady
Still innocent, still loving
In spite of it all.

Those years!
Where did they go?
Who stole them – not I!
An evil demon hid them in a dark hole of hell.

Still weak victims
Still abused – not one but both,
Father and daughter the same.
“How!?” pleads my heart

An answer begins.
As now growing up, we grow stronger
Now we can fight for each other
For the rights denied for so long.

My second chance…
My redemption…
My prayers…
Yes, my daughter.

** the end **

Via the pen of Cassie Martin from the soul of her husband Kevin, a father banished from his daughter’s life for 6 years, one month and 24 days, dedicated to her on their reunion when she was 12 years old.

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