Saturday, May 26, 2007

Simple pleasures for you and your child

Have you ever bought an expensive toy for your child, only to see it lie unused after just a few hours of play time?

More than expensive toys, your children want you to spend time with them. And there are so many simple, cheap ways to entertain them!

Take paper airplanes for instance. All you need is a bunch of paper, perhaps some scissors and crayons, and you're guaranteed hours of fun.

Did you know that the world record for a paper plane's flight length (indoors) is 16.87 seconds? Why not challenge your kids to a tournament. 16 seconds doesn't sound like long, but if your kids have a go, they'll find it is harder than it sounds to keep a plane in the air that long!

Watch out for our tips for paper plane enthusiasts young and old, in the next issue of the KidsGoals Parent Newsletter.

Happy parenting,


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