Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Children, school and changes

Is Change Always Good Thing??

I am sure we have all heard the saying that “Change is as good as a rest or even a vacation”, but with an impending move looming on the horizon, I am wondering if a change of location is really going to be such a positive experience. For one, my daughter Savannah has been in the same school district since she was eight- years- old and being an Aspergian, any kind of change is especially difficult for her. I can remember the first time we had our dog Rocky trimmed, and she got extremely upset because he didn’t look the same as when she left that morning. She has finally accepted that Rocky will have his regular haircuts, but will she be able to accept a new school and new faces as readily?

The kids from the school that she now attends have not been the friendliest but she has developed relationships with a few of them and has always had amazing support from her teachers. I am concerned that this will all change when we move to the new place. Luckily, she will still be able to continue working with Nora, her speech language pathologist because she is willing to commute to the new school. I have also been assured that the new school is very supportive and being more of a farming community the kids hopefully will be a bit friendlier than where we are now which tends to be a bit cliquey.

I guess time will tell and Savannah has finally accepted the fact that we have to move due to her Dad’s new job; but it took quite awhile to convince her that it wasn’t going to be the end of the world. My dilemma as her Mother is that I always wanted things to be as stress free as possible for my daughter but I know that is crazy. Stress is a part of life and she has to learn to deal with it just like everyone else. All I can do is try and be as supportive as possible while she goes through this major upheaval and hope for the best. Who knows maybe she will even like it there…’s hoping. :- )

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