Sunday, May 06, 2007

Believing in Yourself

My youngest Sister who has had years of training in art and a very talented artist in her own right, asked me what I would think about her asking my daughter Savannah, who has Asperger's, if she could buy a drawing from her? She was very impressed with one of Savannah's drawings and couldn't believe at her age she would know enough about art to be able to draw pairs of eyes in a way that she said only accomplished masters know how to do. I was totally gob smacked when she said that. I knew that the drawing was amazing but had no idea the skill involved. One pair of eyes in particular really blew my Sister away. She said after she had seen them they haunted her and she really wanted the drawing.

At first I wondered how Savannah would feel about selling her work, but after some thought decided that Savannah would be pleased. She was that and more. Savannah's concern was that she didn't want to ask for too much money. My Sister wanted to give her $50 but Savannah decided that was too high a price and asked for $40. I saw such pride in her as my Sister requested that she sign the piece and my daughter took her time, so that her signature was small and perfect before she handed it over to my Sister. Her first big sale as an artist and a HUGE boost to her self-confidence.

I know Savannah believes that she is very good at drawing but this was the first time that I think she realized how truly gifted she really is. It was heartwarming to me as her Mother to watch my daughter feel real pride in her abilities.

Just wanted to share that.

All the best!!


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