Monday, May 21, 2007


Next time you are baking, or making scrambled eggs, try this fun idea!
What you need:

* Eggs (one for each Egg Man you would like to make)

* A sterilized darning needle or large sewing needle (hold the tip in a flame for a few seconds to sterilize)

* Pipe cleaners

* Poster paints

* Varnish (optional)

Using the needle, make a small hole in the top and bottom of each egg. Hold the egg over a bowl and blow into the hole at the small end - the contents will be emptied into the bowl.

Rinse the egg, using a trickle of water then blowing the water out into the sink.

Thread a pipe cleaner through both holes so that you have something to hold the egg by.

Paint your man onto the eggshell, and optionally varnish when dry. You can then either keep the pipe cleaner in the Egg Man and use it to hang him up, or remove it and save him in an Egg Carton.

If your children enjoy this they will probably ask to do it whenever you are baking, so that they can build up a whole collection!

Why not help your child create Egg Men of the famous people you have studied together during your research for Role Models?! (see the article on Positive Role Models.)

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