Friday, May 04, 2007

Social Interaction in the Playground, and Mobile Phones

I heard about an interesting study on the radio today that claimed that children's ability to interact socially in the playground is being damaged by them spending more time using mobile phones and other electronic equipment. They went so far as to say "our children are growing up without friends!" - which seemed an extreme view to take!

As one who met my best friend Monicka online, I can see both points of view - certainly children should be making friends at school and should be continuing to learn and develop their social skills and their ability to interact well with one another; however, electronic communication does have its place in developing and maintaining friendships in this shrinking world of ours. Without MSN, internet telephones and the web, Monicka and I could not possibly be so close that we feel 100% confident traveling all alone to each others' countries to visit!

I wish I had a link that explained this study in more detail, as I'd love to learn more. If any readers have heard the same report and know where I could find it, please leave me the link! I'd be very grateful!


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