Friday, June 01, 2007

Kids and Exam Stress

Lots of kids - and not just older children or teenagers, but even young kids! - have to take exams or tests these days.
What can you do to help reduce the stress of exams for your children? Some ideas might include:

  • Encourage them to plan ahead and have their exams marked clearly and prominently on a calendar as soon as they know the dates.
  • Help them find a quiet place at home that is conducive to study, and ensure that all members of the family respect their need for quiet time and space to work
  • Encourage them to take regular breaks - short and refreshing breaks such as for a drink or a walk, NOT breaks in front of the telly!
  • Teach them good study habits and skills, such as concentration

We'll be offering more study and exam resources in the KidsGoals Parenting Newsletter over the coming weeks!

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