Friday, June 29, 2007

Teenager's Brains

It's official - my husband is well on the way to going grey! Now that his 17-year-old daughter Sam is living with us, he is getting a full blown taster of parenting a teenager - and he is fretting like mad!

I think it's lovely to see how protective he is, and Sam appreciates it too - she loves that he cares about her so much.

But it's a difficult time for both of them - at 17, Sam needs to experiment with pulling away and dealing with problems and dilemmas (like how late to stay out on a Friday night when, unlike her friends, she has to work on Saturday morning!) - but at the same time she needs a lot of love and support.

The fact is that teenagers' brains don't function yet like those of adults, and I found a fascinating article that helps with some insight into that (see header link).

I've printed it off for hubbie to read - it might not stop his hair going grey, but trying to understand the Teenage Brain is a wonderful challenge for him!

And on that subject, my darling step-daughter has a lot to learn about teen sleep hygiene! :)


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