Monday, June 25, 2007

Non physical bullying

My ten-year-old son was not acting like himself this weekend. He seemed a bit withdrawn and spent most of his time playing his computer games and not socializing much with the family. Finally on Saturday I sat him down and told him I was concerned and wanted him to tell me what was wrong. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and told me that some kids at school were calling him names; saying he was ugly and looked like a nerd. My son is quite sensitive and has recently had to wear glasses so sadly that is probably what the nerd reference was about. I told him he needed to tell the teacher or principal because that was bullying and it was not right. He told me they didn't hurt him physically but I told him bullying is bullying no matter what context it takes and name calling can be just as hurtful because it doesn't show on the surface like physical abuse but it leaves deep scars. We talked for awhile about bullying and he is starting to feel a little better and will tell someone if it ever happens again.

This is something we as parents and caregivers need to keep in mind, and make sure our kids understand that if someone makes us feel bad it is bullying no if buts or maybes about it. Talk to your kids and tell them it is always OK to come to you no matter what.

Happy Parenting


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