Saturday, June 16, 2007

Something to think about

Cassie and I had a discussion the other day about whether having the so-called proper childhood meant the difference between success and failure when it came to self-help? If you do not have the foundation to start with is it impossible to improve your lot in life or a you damned from the start?? Is all the cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoanalysis just a waste of money or can you truly change your way of thinking and deprogram yourself from all the crap that was spoon-fed to you as a child? Kind of makes you wonder which individual would have a fighting chance; the one with the supportive loving parents or the one whose parents didn't give a damn. Even a perfect childhood does not guarantee a perfect life but a child who feels loved and cared for at least feels they are worthy of a better life, maybe that is the difference.

Happy parenting


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