Monday, January 14, 2008

Take some time for yourself

I decided that since Monday is my usual blog day I will use that day to update my vacation ticker. I am really looking foward to this vacation as sometimes a Mom just needs to get away in order for the family to realize how much they depend on her. Since I was the one to always put myself last I decided that from now on I would put myself first. I have learned the hard way that in order for Mothers to give of themselves they have to start giving to themselves. Now this may seem like a selfish thing to do. but if every Mom realized how much they give to their husbands and children always sacrificing themselves for the good of the family sooner or later the well runs dry. In order to provide all the love and nurturing that we do for our family we need to make ourselves a priority and start filling up the well with things that we love. No one else is going to do it so we need to do this for ourselves.

The first time I left for the UK sans hubby and children I felt guilty, thinking that my family won't be able to cope while I am gone and they are going to suffer nutritionally and no one will have clean clothes to wear, but after awhile you start to realize that they will be just fine without you and when you come back you will be surprised how much they will appreciate you. Sure I came home to a messy house and a massive pile of dirty laundry but no one was too worse for wear. Your family can cope better then you think and you may find that this will be a good learning experience for them and will teach them about responsibility. Now I am not saying that you should leave when your kids are really young with your hubby when they are babies or preschoolers, but my two are sixteen and eleven and very responsible and Dad is very good at opeing a tin of beans and making toast. I know not everyone can just fly off for a vacation but even an hour to yourself to have a bubble bath or get into a juicy novel that you have been dying to read will be very therapeutic and will help to fill the well, make it a priority and the whole family will benefit because you will be refreshed and renewed and will be a better Mom than ever and that is very unselfish.

Happy Parenting,


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