Saturday, January 26, 2008

Manners and Social Skills for Children

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I have only been tweeting for a short time now and I am slowly learning the lingo and the protocol, when it comes to tweets and shout outs and RT's etc. such as, it is just a common courtesy to say thank you when someone RTs' one of your tweets, or another tweeter mentions you. So just like anywhere else, having good manners and being polite to your fellow tweeters, goes a long way in the Twitter world :)

Many people agree that a lack of manners is a growing problem in our society, so helping your kids learn to be respectful is important, and in fact can give them a real head start over many of their peers when they graduate from school, college or university. Many young people these days have appalling manners and a very disrespectful attitude and tone of voice, which will NOT endear them to future colleagues at work!

At KidsGoals we believe that proper manners should be very important part of your child's education . When you teach your kids polite manners, you are teaching them good social skills that will take them far in life. We also believe that kids learn best when you make learning fun so check out our article on Manners for Kids

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KidsGoals would also like to wish a Safe and Happy Memorial Day to all of our friends in the US :)
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