Friday, January 11, 2008

How to Teach Your Child to Concentrate

child concentrating
Most children naturally possess the gift of concentration but sadly it is often lost in the process of growing up. Perhaps because we continually try to get them to concentrate on things that we want them to concentrate on rather than on the things that they want to concentrate on!

Successful people in all fields have the ability to concentrate - to "get in the flow" - at will. Watch a great sportsman, artist, writer or craftsperson at work and you will soon see that this is true.

How can we help our children learn concentration as the important skill that it is, rather than something that happens only when they are engrossed in play, computer games or worse, TV? How can we teach them the value of this skill so that they can use it to their benefit in school and in later life?

This article will give you ways to communicate to your child the importance and a true appreciation of how they concentrate, and how they can use the skill at will to make their lives more enjoyable, productive and successful:
How to Teach Your Child to Concentrate

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