Thursday, January 03, 2008

Goal Setting with Kids - Step by Step

Justin's goal of saving for a laptop that Monicka blogged about yesterday was a great example of how exciting goal setting can be for kids.

Monicka mentioned the importance of breaking a large goal down into smaller steps and I thought that this aspect is really worth thinking about.

At the ripe old age of 34, I find that a year is now a relatively short time. But I have not forgotten a time when a month seemed impossibly long! Do you find the same, as you get older?

Be sure to realize that when you guide your child in goal setting, it is absolutely crucial that he starts to have small successes early on. For example, once Justin has figured out exactly how much money he needs to save, that can be broken down into very small increments. If he gets his allowance weekly and his Dad can take him to the bank to deposit a few dollars, he will get regular, frequent feelings of achievement.

Early successes are essential for your child to build up a positive association with goal setting.

Happy New Year and happy goal setting with your kids!


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