Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Patience and Goal Setting

Patience is a virtue and one that is a big part of goal setting. You have to realize that most of your goals, at least the ones worth having, are not going to happen overnight. Now it would be nice to wake up 20 pounds thinner or with rippling abs but it ain't gonna happen, so relax and look at your goals as something definitely worth waiting for and teach this to your children.

The best way to teach your children this is to explain to them that each goal takes a series of steps and whatever they want to realize can be broken down into smaller goals that will eventually help them to obtain the big kahuna.

My son, for instance, has decided that he wants a lap top computer. Now since he only has a little over $90 in the bank he knows that he has to find a way to increase the amount until he has enough to buy his computer. I had him write down what it is he wanted, what it looked like and how he would feel when he obtained his goal.

He said wouldn't have to fight for use of the family computer when he had homework assignments or wanted to play his online games. He said he would feel very proud for having something that he worked for himself and happy that it was all his.

We then looked at how long, within reason it would take for him to save enough to get his laptop. It is very important to help your child to set a deadline as to when he wants to accomplish his goal. It must be doable but not so far into the future that your child loses all hope. Have him write down when he would like to reach his goal but let him know that nothing is written in stone and he may get it sooner or it may take a little longer so the deadline is just to give him an idea of how long it should take, but he is always welome to change it.

We then made a list of all of the ways he could earn extra money other than his allowance and he could also ask for cash as opposed to gifts for his birthday or other special occasions where he would normally get some kind of gift or treat. The next step is to find a picture of the computer he wants a put it somewhere where he can see it every day. I also suggested that he read out loud what he had written every morning and every night and then close his eyes and imagine how it would feel like to have his computer and to try and feel those emotions.

Goal setting is something that you can start with your child at an early age. Better yet set goals that you can accomplish together, make it a family affair if you can and get everyone excited about it by making it the topic of conversation everyday. For more goal setting ideas check out

Happy Goal Setting


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