Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Accountability and Goal Setting

One of the best ways for you and your child to reach your goals, is something called "Accountability". What this means is that you are taking responsibility for bringing your goal to fruition, and you cannot blame anyone else if your goal is not realized.

Once your child has a defined goal in mind and is committed to making it a reality, get him to start talking about it. It can be the subject of conversation at the dinner table or better yet, get him to talk about his goal and how it is progressing first thing in the morning over breakfast. Make sure that your child has plenty of time to get his things in order first or he may feel rushed and not be able to devote enough time to talking about his goal. This is a great time to share how things are going with your own goals and to gauge your progress. By talking about it with your family,you are asking for support from the people that care about your welfare and are going to support you in your quest. Do not talk about your goal with people that are not your family or a close friend because they may ridicule you and try and sabotage your efforts.

Happy Goal Setting,


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