Monday, May 14, 2012

Why is it that...?

Yesterday was Mother's Day in North America and it is supposed to be a day when your kids and possibly significant other treats you like the Queen you are. Yes it is a day of rest and possibly even a break from the cooking duties and of course flowers are a must!!! My kids usually tell me in no uncertain terms that it is also a day when I am to do absolutely anything I want but I am not allowed to do any of my usual duties. I was actually quite surprised at how hard it was for me to shut off my "Mother Mode" and just let the laundry sit for a day and not give a care if the dishes were piled in the sink for a few hours. I guess once we become Mothers there is just this need to look after everyone and everything...why is that??? Even though my kids were more than happy to do the chores I still found myself thinking about the beds that were unmade, or the fact that we were running low on clean towels... Anyway, just my thought of the day and also thought it was a good chance to link to an article on "How to Deal with Parenting Stress" so if there are some harried Mom's out there that could use a little TLC for themselves this is the place to get some great tips on how to de-stress and take care of that very important person YOU the caregiver :) Have an awesome Monday and come by and see us at KidsGoals and sign up for our free newsletter :)

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