Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Stress Relief 101"

Did you ever notice that when you laugh you feel a whole lot better. You may hold back sometimes from having a really good guffaw because you are worried about what people will think of you, but now research is showing that a good belly laugh can actually alleviate stress, help with depression, lower blood sugar and a myriad of other health benefits.

 I recently read an article from CBS News that talked about all the benefits of laughter read it for yourself at :-) and stop taking yourself so seriously. Have fun with your kids, turn that frown upside down and be a kid yourself without worrying about the repercussions. Visit a playground with your little ones and try out all the playground equipment along with them. Life is too short to be serious all the time, so love and laugh and teach this attitude to your children. Who says we can't all be a kid sometimes and REALLY have fun.

 Our good friend Cicero had the right idea when he said so eloquently "As I approve of a youth that has something of the old man in him, so I am no less pleased with an old man that has something of the youth. He that follows this rule may be old in body, but can never be so in mind."

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