Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Power of "Visualization" For Goal Setting!

At KidsGoals we are firm believers in the power of "visualization" to help kids and adults alike to realize their goals. We believe that if your mind's eye can see the prize, you are more likely to achieve your goal. As A.L. Linall, Jr. so aptly put it "Visualization and belief in a pattern of reality, activates the creative power of realization"

An easy exercise you can try if you want to , is to take a picture of an object and find a quiet place and really study the picture for ten minutes. It can be a picture of anything, even a bowl of fruit, or a picture of your family pet. Look at all the different things in the picture and then focus on one aspect of the picture, something specific. Look at the colours, shape and texture of the image and then close your eyes and open your eyes quickly over and over for about 30 seconds. Your mind will not be able to tell whether you are actually looking at the image or if you are imagining it. By practicing this you are teaching your mind to hold an image. If you want to teach your mind how to visualize with words, look at the image and then describe it verbally in as much detail as possible-that way you can develop your mind's ability to visualize with words. Since memories are images, sounds and sensations in your mind you can use your imagination to make up new experiences such as seeing your goal come to fruition. The hard part is keeping the image in your mind long enough so that you will accept it. Remember as with anything, practice makes perfect.

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