Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's Supposed to be Fun!!!

Hey all!!

Well it is soccer day to day in beautiful BC and I am seriously debating on whether to go and watch my son's game. Because none of the evaluations of the players from last summer were turned in last year, the teams are extremely unbalanced. One team has most of the high caliber players and they have been annihilating every team that they play. Good for them, but what does that do to the confidence of the other teams that have to play them?

They came up with a plan that after five goals the next goals will not be counted unless the ball is passed five times before the next goal - but...

Any way the point of this is for the boys to be challenged, but not creamed and I wish we could start from square one and rearrange the teams. I know our team will only get better but the other team is pretty "cocky" about how good they are. While confidence is good - cocky, not so good :(

Got to hand it to our boys though they are trying their level best and giving 110% and keeping their heads held high - I guess we can all learn a little lesson from this about just do your best, and feel proud of yourself for not getting frustrated and giving up.

It will be interesting to see as the season unfolds how our boys will do, as coming up against such a formidable opponent can only make them better - all good!!! 
Have an awesome Saturday and I will keep you posted... If you haven't done so yet drop by and sign up to the KidsGoals newsletter!!!

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