Friday, March 09, 2007


Happy Friday Everyone

We as parents and caregivers play a huge part in how our children learn but there are also other people that play a large role also. I am talking about teachers. How your child feels about his teacher can be the deciding factor in how much your child likes school. I can remember having teachers that I will never forget. They actually made learning fun and I really enjoyed the subjects they taught. I also had teachers that were not so great; such as my grade seven socials studies teacher who used to write notes on the blackboard and the students had to copy them down and then we were tested on the notes at the end of the week. We never discussed anything; it was basically a note taking class….BORING!!!

If your child is having problems at school it could be because of the relationship he has with his teacher. Talk to your children about how they feel about their teacher and it is a really good idea to get to know your child’s teacher. If your school allows it, try to spend some time in your child’s class as an observer. This way you will get a really good impression of their teaching style and if there is any problem with how your child interacts with his teacher.

If you see any problems you can ask to meet with the teacher and try to communicate how your child is feeling but may not have the courage to say on his own. The teacher may not even be aware that there is a problem. Your child may feel like his teacher doesn't like him, or if he is called on to answer questions more often than other children he could feel like he is being picked on. This may all be in your child’s head but by being an advocate for your child you can get the teacher to reassess the relationship they are having with your child and what steps they may need to take to improve it.

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