Thursday, March 01, 2007

Are your children secure enough to challenge you?

Little kids are designed to take what their parents say on face value. Some parents make out to their kids that they are ALWAYS right.

I think it is healthier to encourage children to question and challenge, and form their own opinions.

There are lots of reasons. Here's one. Young children will often take what you say literally, and this can give rise to all kinds of misunderstandings, especially if they are lacking the confidence to turn round to you and question what you have said.

For instance, you might one evening tell your child he has to do his chores before his homework for some perfectly valid reason. And an insecure child could interpret it to mean he's never supposed to do his homework before finishing his household chores.

Encouraging your kids to question and challenge what you say helps avoid these kind of misunderstandings, which can cause distress to sensitive children!

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