Thursday, March 08, 2007

Appreciating your child's learning style

We all have a different learning style. Some of us are very logical thinkers, and thrive on lists and numbered tables - I'm a bit like that myself. Others are more artistically inclined and might naturally like to use lots of color when learning.

To help your child learn, encourage him to incorporate as many different senses into his study as possible. If he naturally makes lists, suggest colored pens to make the lists brighter and more welcoming.

Encourage humor! Laughing and enjoying learning help things sink into the brain.

Some kids are great listeners - if so, tell your child a story about what you want to teach him.

Other kids learn better visually and will want to see you draw something or point at pictures in a book when you are showing them.

Appreciate your child's learning style and marvel at your wonderful little person and his amazing brain!

Happy Parenting,


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