Sunday, March 18, 2007

Goal Setting for School

When encouraging your child to set goals for school work, it's important to remember:
  1. Start him off with goal setting as young as possible
  2. Encourage him to set his own goals rather than just taking your suggestions
I remember my very first experience of this, many years ago with an adorable young friend called Charlene. Although she was just at primary school, she loved the concept of setting goals and it was wonderful to see her come up with her very own ideas of how to use goal setting.

The plucky girl picked a subject that was hard for her - math - and figured out by herself (I merely explained goal setting to her and then asked her questions) how she wanted to measure her progress.

The two goals she identified were:
  1. To bring her "dreded" math book home (she often forgot to bring it and then couldn't do her homework)
  2. To reduce the number of "red rings" (wrong answers) that she got on her homework questions
I've never forgotten that experience, and how much it showed me that even tiny primary school kids can identify and pursue goals of their very own - if us adults give them a bit of encouragement and loving interest.

Happy goal setting with your kids,


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